Why Is There An Odor From My Newly Installed Cooler Pad?

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When a new Rigid Cooling Media pad is installed in evaporative coolers, there is usually a slight odor emitted.
This slight odor will dissipate and be gone after a short period of time.

When these pads are first wet out a slight odor may occur from the dust created when the pad is manufactured and cut to size.


The operation of this type cooling pad requires a wet out period (typically several hours without airflow) followed by draining and refilling the sump water pan. This will remove the small amount of residue in the media that would be the source of the odor. This operation may have to be repeated on larger systems that do not drain completely.

All evaporative cooling systems have odor problems related to the system cleanliness. This is how ‘swamp coolers’ first got its name. When left UN-cleaned, they would start to smell like a swamp. All cooling media require cleaning, both initially, and ongoing. All cooling pads of this type are manufactured using the same base resin materials and have the same odor associated with them. All new cooler pads have a ‘new pad’ odor that dissipates with use. Once the pads are ‘broken in’, this odor will disappear. The once active ingredients in the paper of the cooling pad are rendered inert during the manufacturing processing, however, the odor from these materials lingers until the pads are washed clean by the wetting process after installation.

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