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Miscellaneous Evaporative Swamp Cooler Replacement Parts

For Nearly All Brands of Evaporative Swamp Coolers

Motors, Pumps, Aspen Pads, Pad Retaining Wires, Floats, Pulleys, Bearings, Cooler Covers,
MasterCool Pads, UltraCool Pads, AeroCool Pads
Most Commonly Used Replacement Evaporative Swamp Cooler Parts Are Available From Us

* Please Note, There Is A $25 Minimum Charge For Cooler Parts Orders

Pricing Below Is Your Cost
Price Does Not Include Shipping
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Spider Bearings
Spider Bearing
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Spider Bearing
3/4″or 1″
with 9″ Arms

$ 18 Each
Blower Shafts
Blower Shafts
$ 15 ea
Aluminum Collars
$  3 ea
Leather Washers
$ 1 ea


Blower Shafts   Specify 3/4″ or 1″
(27″ Length)


Specify 3/4″ or 1″
Specify 3/4″ or 1″
Pillow Block Bearings
Lo Rise Bearing




1 3/16″

1 3/16″ Industrial Cooler Pillow Bearings
Fits 10/12 SD and 14/21 SD
$ 7 ea
$ 8 ea
$24 ea


High Rise Bearing
Hi Rise Bearing
$ 8 ea
$ 9 ea
Specify Lo Rise or Hi Rise
For Pillow Bearings
Blower Pulleys
Blower Pulley
7″ x 3/4″
8″ x 1″
10 ” x 3/4″
10″ x 1″
11″ x 3/4″
11″ x 1″
14″ x 3/4″
14″ x 1″
$ 15
$ 18
$ 21
$ 22
$ 23
$ 24
$ 32
$ 32
Brass Cooler Sillcocks
Brass Cooler Sillcock
$ 7
Brass Cooler Drain & Overflow Nipple
Brass Cooler Drain
Overflow Nipple
$ 9
Pad Retaining Wire
Replacement Pad Frame Retaining Wires


Pkg of 5

AdobeAir, Arctic Circle®,
Arvin® and McGraw® coolers ONLY
Specify Length – 16″ – 21″

For  27″ – 30″ Lengths:   ADD $8
spray on cooler coating
Cooler Coating
Spray On
P/N 5324
13 OZ
The only “one coat” coating on the market. This is a heavy bodied, thick asphaltic base coating.
brush on cooler coating
Cooler Coating
Brush On
P/N 5347
1 Qt
P/N 5351
1 Gal
Designed to coat and seal evaporative cooler bottom pans…protects against rust and corrosion all season…also has sound deadening qualities.
Resistant to moisture.
Non-asbestos, fast drying.

Zoom Spout Oiler

Zoom Spout Cooler Oil

4 oz. Bottle

$ 4

For Cooler Bearings
And cooler motors with oilable bearings Lubricate shaft bearings at the start of every season And every 60 days during season
Inhibits rust and oxidation
Do Not Use Motor Oil With Detergent
Detergent Oil Permits More Wear On Bearings
Ventmatic UpFlow Air Exhauster
Assembled Ventmatic™
PN 7610
Ventmatic Available in Cartons of Six Only
Requires 11-5/8″ square hole in ceiling, 14″ square white plastic plate on ceiling, 13″ attic height clearance.
Damper flap locking arm to secure flap in lock position during heating season.
Keep Windows & Doors Closed Exhaust Out Through The Attic
Deluxe model already assembled and ready for installation…white
E-mail us for – Pricing of any Cooler Parts or Cooler Covers Not Shown

Evaporative Cooler Service Tips
These And Many Other Parts Are Available In Our Line Of

Dial Manufacturing Company
Evaporative Cooler Parts

Brand Name Manufactured Parts – Such As

Corner Posts – Water Pans – Pad Frames – Grills – Blower Wheels

Made By A Particular Cooler Brand Manufacturer
Are Available From Us
For The Following Brands Of Coolers Only

Champion Coolers – Marquis – Ultra Cool

TheAbove Mentioned Parts WILL NOT Interchange
With Other Brands of Cooler Manufactures

(Such as AdobeAir – MasterCool – Arvin – McGraw)

There Are Two Ways We Can Help You With Your Cooler Parts Needs

1.  Go To The Link Below To Find The Part Number You Need
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For Pricing, Shipping, Etc.

Dial Cooler Parts
Dial Cooler Parts

2.   If You Do Not Find The Part You Are Looking For
 Contact Us
And Let Us Know What You Need
We’ll Will Make Every Attempt To Help You Locate It

* Please Note, There Is A $25 Minimum Charge For Cooler Parts Orders

We Confirm Total Cost on All orders Prior to shipping