Evaporative Swamp Cooler Wall Switches

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RSK 2 Wall Switch Wiring Diagram
RSK 2 Wiring Diagram

Click Here For Window Cooler Grill Switches


RSK 2 Rotary Wall Switch
For Side Draft And
Down Draft Coolers

(see wiring diagram on left)

Cooler Wall switch

$25 Minimum Charge For Parts OrdersClick Here For Window Cooler Grill Switches


1. Turn off power before installing the switch. The installer of this switch must be technically qualified for this type of installation. A qualified electrician should check all wiring and circuit breakers and be sure that the cooler installation is effectively grounded.

2. Refer to evaporative cooler installation instructions and all applicable electrical codes for correct installation of the evaporative cooler, switch and wall switch box, correct wiring procedures, and effective grounding.

3. Motor and pump voltage and amperage must not exceed switch specifications. This switch is recommended for 120-volt applications only.

4. This diagram is a basic schematic and is not intended to represent all methods of installation because of various cord, plug, and pump configurations. See evaporative cooler installation instructions and motor and pump instructions for proper motor and pump wiring. Be sure motor, pump, and cooler are properly grounded. Color coded wires must not be interchanged or interconnected with each other.

5. CAUTION: Turn the switch to “OFF” position before turning power on.

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