Champion Industrial Cooler Standard Features

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1. Water Trough
The water trough is formed using chemically treated steel for greatest resistance to corrosion. It is adjustable for even distribution of water for maximum cooling performance.2. Water Distributor
The water distributor is constructed from non-corrosive PVC tubing to provide an even flow to the evaporative media.

3. Standing Flange
The standing flange provides additional rigidity for long-lasting durability.

4. Louver Assemblies
The easy-to-remove louver assemblies provide quick access to the interior for maintenance and repair. The louver assemblies feature an evaporative media pad and retainer grid to prevent pad sag for peak cooling performance.


Champion Industrial Cooler Features
5. Painted Exterior

The polyester urethane resin powdered paint which has been electrostatically applied gives all interior and exterior surfaces the highest resistance to weather and impact. The superior adhesive strength between the coating and the metal provides complete humidity resistance. There is no need for priming and undercoating.

6. Motor
The high-torque motor is supported by a reinforced motor mount for long-lasting dependable performance.

7. Bearings

Bronze, oil impregnated bearings are self-aligning for maximum performance and quiet operation.8. Blower Wheel
The innovative wheel design of the cupped blades optimizes air performance for top cooling performance. Heavy duty and rugged, the blower wheel is built for long-lasting durability.

9. Cabinet
The cabinet is constructed out of heavy gauge galvanized steel for long-lasting curability.

10. Water Pump
The heavy duty water pump is constructed of plastic to prevent rust and corrosion.

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